Here Lies a Father: A Novel

When Ian Daly and his sister Catherine arrive for their wayward father’s funeral in his small and desolate Upstate New York hometown, a secret that was kept from them their entire lives emerges: their father Thomas abandoned two other families, leaving behind two furious wives and several children who never knew their father.


"Cassidy's debut is affecting...Like the best coming-of-age novels, Here Lies a Father grounds its big concerns in the exquisite particulars of one person’s life."
--Literary Hub

“Mckenzie Cassidy stuns with his beautiful debut novel, Here Lies a Father. Told as a classic coming-of-age story, Cassidy’s narrator, fifteen-year-old Ian Daly, is a nuanced combination of the naivete of Huckleberry Finn and the shrewdness of Holden Caufield."
--Southern Review of Books

”Cassidy’s engrossing debut...convincingly depicts the ways his sensitive, turbulent protagonist navigates the murky period between adolescence and adulthood. Cassidy’s distinctive coming-of-age story will move readers.”
--Publishers Weekly

"Ian is a worthy literary cousin of Holden Caulfield, another kid with little tolerance for fakes and phonies and too much hard-won skepticism for his age. The grown-ups have let Ian down; now he must create himself."
--Kirkus Reviews

"If you're looking for a good, quicker read that will get you thinking about family life, mental health and how the environment someone grew up in can affect how they are as a person, I'd definitely recommend Here Lies A Father."
--Girls at the Rock Show

"Here Lies a Father is a fantastic, page-turning read, chock full of surprises and deeply manifesting home truths and their layered meanings, and so clearly points to the fact that even after just the one book, Mckenzie Cassidy has hit a literary home run."
--Exclusive Magazine


Walk Hand in Hand Into Extinction: Stories Inspired by True Detective

A talented array of writers, coming from the genres of Noir, Horror, Metafiction, Mythos, Crime, Weird and Bizarro Fiction, were all inspired by the existential themes from the first season of True Detective. Clash Books is proud to present this collection of powerful and evocative stories about the humanity and inhumanity of modern man in an ever-shifting moral and cosmic landscape.