LifeHacksLA: Discover the Best of Los Angeles Before You Travel

LifeHacksLA is a popular blog and podcast that can help you discover the best of Los Angeles. Their team will recommend the best places for food, nightlife, culture, and events. LifeHacksLA makes it possible for you to experience the “real” LA during your visit. Visitors can search for a specific place or read their blog for recommendations. LifeHacksLA also hosts over 60,000 followers on Instagram, where they post weekly about the City of Angels. If you’re planning a visit to LA, check out their posts about the Kobe Bryant murals, speakeasies, and the Grand Central Market.

UrthLeaf Named Top 10 CBD Oil of 2020 by CBD Validator

UrthLeaf, the San Diego-based supplier of high-quality CBD products, has been named a Top 10 CBD Oil of 2020 by CBD Validator. This independent, unbiased product reviewer has examined over 1,500 products on the market and rates them from poor to excellent based on price per dose, safety, quality, source, and transparency. UrthLeaf’s top seller is a 1,800mg bottle of Full-Spectrum CBD with no additives and preservatives. Their CBD is also available in capsules, vapes, salves, bath bombs, pre-rolls, and gummies. Learn more at

Keep Your Kids Engaged By Ordering Learning Crates

Having a hard time keeping your kids busy during the quarantine? Learning Crates is a personalized education subscription box for children from grades kindergarten to sixth grade. Parents register for the Learning Crates’ monthly subscription service for as low as $22.99 and receive a box of popular children’s books and activities at their doorstep. The combined value of each box is approximately $50. All items are well-researched, diverse, and approved by teachers. Learning Crates boxes are shipped free anywhere in the United States and have been featured on BuzzFeed, Cratejoy, Wired Magazine, and PureWon.

Denver’s Peak Fitness Meals Celebrates Three Years Delivering Healthy Food

Peak Fitness Meals is celebrating its third anniversary of delivering delicious, healthy food to the Denver area. Customers who register with the service choose between Paleo, Keto, Classic or Mixed options and will have meals delivered directly to their front door. All food is fresh, locally-sourced, and humanely-raised. It contains no high fructose syrups, hydrogenated oils, starches, or additives. All Peak Fitness Meals containers and paper products are 100% BPA free and fully recyclable. Your health is their #1 opportunity.

What Types of Pets Should I Consider Getting for Myself and My Family?

No family is complete without a pet. They're our trusted companions through thick and thin. Pets force your family to go outside more, which means you’ll have more time to bond and be more physically fit. Taking care of a pet also teaches children empathy, confidence, and responsibility. But, with so many different types of pets to choose from, where do you start? Below we’ve compiled a list of pet animals that can help get you started, plus some tips on picking the right one for your family.

LeafLeaf Unveils All-Natural Tea Infused with CBD

LeafLeaf, Inc. is a wholesale tea distributor providing all-natural, delicious teas infused with CBD and organic mushrooms for mental clarity. The company is committed to the full transparency of product ingredients and environmental sustainability. The University of Arizona’s Forge Accelerated Entry Program invited LeafLeaf to be part of its unique incubator for students and businesses to collaborate on research and development.

Protect Your Feet From the Elements with ArcticDry Waterproof Socks

ArcticDry in the United Kingdom manufactures the best waterproof socks for outdoor activities. Soft fabric is mixed with StretchDry technology across three layers of nylon, spandex and Coolmax to produce a sock that is not only waterproof, but also protects against the wind and minor scrapes or cuts on rough terrains. They are the most durable socks on the market, keeping your feet comfortably warm and dry in any environment. Visit to learn more or connect to the ArcticDry Facebook page.
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